Welcome to Krishna Talk !
  • May 2004
    Harey Krishna !

    This website is started with the divine blessings of Lord Krishna.

    KrishnaTalk.com, gives a platform to Lord Krishna lovers all over the world to talk, question and further explore Krishna, to make him more closer to their lives.

    -Please Note-
    KrishnaTalk.com is NOT related to any organization.
    KrishnaTalk.com has no intention to offend or criticize any other religion.
    The Purpose of KrishnaTalk.com is to talk about Lord Krishna and things that relate him.
    This is a non-commercial website and shall remain FREE.

    -About Me-
    In these forums, I have named myself (nobody), because I am no one to promote or manage KrishnaTalk.com, it is he who is and will do it !! I neither preach, nor I am any Guru, I am just a simple lover of Krishna !

    Lets start talking !!

    Harey Krishna !